Block Buster Game Review: A Contemporary Take on The Classic Tetris Game

Block Buster Game Review: A Contemporary Take on The Classic Tetris Game

The Block Buster slots game developed by Live22 brings a fresh and exhilarating take on the beloved classic Tetris game. Block Buster seeks to captivate longtime Tetris enthusiasts and newcomers with its modern graphics, innovative features, and addictive gameplay.

Block Buster, launched on August 22nd this year, is one of many online games created by Live22’s professional game developers. This modern take on the classic Tetris game will captivate players, and Block Buster offers an outstanding gaming experience that will keep gamers coming back for more thanks to its rapid gameplay and gorgeous visuals.

Gameplay of Block Buster Slots Game by Live22

The concept behind Block Buster’s game design is that of a technician who needs the player’s help to rescue his power plant and ultimately restore the plant’s generator to its full glory! The technician needs assistance from players to manually activate the core generator; if the player is successful, he or she will receive significant rewards.

The fundamental gameplay elements that made the original Tetris a phenomenon worldwide is still present in Block Buster, but the game also introduces exciting new features that elevate players’ gaming experience to the next level.

Block Buster is fast-paced and adrenaline-fueled. The addition of the SPIN feature and special gold tetromino blocks add a layer of depth that allows players to clear lines more quickly during any Free Game. Every dropdown will reward players with a random WILD on an empty slot.

Additionally, players can set their BET amount, in coin value, from a minimal 20 to 20,000 per line. Block Buster’s multiplier bonuses start from x1 and will increase with every successful dropdown of tetromino blocks. The multiplier resets to x1 if there are no more winnings. Players will receive 10 Free Games if they successfully clear 15 or more lines.

A Fresh Look on a Classic Theme 

Block Buster provides stunning visuals that modernize the classic Tetris game. The colorful and vibrant graphics, combined with smooth animations, create an immersive and visually engaging experience. Block Buster’s clean sound effects perfectly match the gameplay and heighten the sense of achievement. The lively background provided by the upbeat music keeps players interested and motivated.

With Block Buster’s dark background, the colorful tetromino blocks (red, green, blue, yellow, purple, and orange) stand out even more on any device’s screen. The game also includes a well-designed graphic element – a core generator – to the right of the screen that, if a line is cleared, might increase players’ winnings, or trigger a multiplier feature to the left.


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